Gateball University Brussels

GUB organises its first tournament on the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on 9 & 10th of June 2017: FUN guaranteed! Come and play with your colleagues, friends or children!

✗ Friday 9th of June we invite you to come and learn with us one of the most tactical and fun sports, the so-called initiation lesson 🏌

✓ Saturday 10th of June, the tournament will be played 2vs2 on a synthetic pitch

Nice prices to win ! 🏆 🏅 🏅 🏆
⭐️ And apply for our Belgian National Gateball Team which will play the World Cup 2018 in Brazil 🇧🇷 !

☞ Send you name and age to : we ask every player to pay 🔟 € for a contribution for our very first GUB CUP!

Never ever heared of Gateball?
Read more below!

Gateball is a team game, and the green is much wider than in croquet. Gateball is usually played up to 5-a-side, where you score points by hitting the balls through 3 hoops with mallets. Nevertheless, Gateball is equally fun with 2 (or 1)-a-side.

Balls are numbered from 1 to 10, with one team playing even numbers, the other team odd numbers. Each player hits only the ball with their own number, and all players take turns in order. Each time you are called to play, you have just 10 seconds to do so.

The winning team is the one with the most points after the regulation playing time of 30 minutes.

If your ball hits another, you place that other ball against your own, hold the two balls under your foot, hit against your own ball and drive the other one away. You then hit your own ball again.

Likewise, if you run a gate in order, you then hit your own ball again.

Only the person called upon to play (and the umpire) is allowed on the court at any one time.

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